Do You Share Your Personal Growth Too Much?

I am guilty of this. Not because I want people to change but because I feel like when I have my AHA Oprah moment that I want to share it with everyone.  Sometimes I have been told I overstep, but not because of a mean intention but because I just want everyone to see their true potential.

Too Much Sharing Of Your Personal Growth

Could you be sharing too much? Are you pushing people when you should just let them be? Find out here!

So yes, this can happen and yes I’ve been there. I see that I do to find a PDP (personal development posse) as Marie called it.

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Share!!! Do you have any stories about you “pushing” a little too much of the personal development train to someone who clearly just didn’t want to be better?

Or….. did you share it with someone and you realized you were PDP soulmates.  I could just see it now… they were the macaroni to your cheese, right?   Either way, I want to hear! So share below!

10 Fabulous Mindset Quotes – Share Yours Below!

I believe that you can learn a lot from other people. I also believe that in order for you to be open to learning that you need to change your mindset and attitude.  So many times we blame others for things that happen to us and yet we forget that we are the only people who control our thoughts and how we react.

Take the time to look at some of these mindset quotes and I bet you will leave smiling and/or saying, “That is so true” about a lot of them.

Mindset Quotes – Change Your Attitude

  • The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them. – George Bernard Shaw
  • Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. – Steve Jobs
  • Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else. – Les Brown
  • The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind. — William James
  • If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. – Jim Rohn
  • Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals. – Henry Ford
  • We all talk to ourselves. A major key to success exists in what we say to ourselves, which helps to shape our attitude and mindset.  -Darren L. Johnson
  • Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you. – The Bible
  • Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it. – Oprah
  • Waiting is a trap. There will always be reasons to wait. The truth is, there are only two things in life, reasons and results, and reasons simply don’t count. – Dr. Robert Anthony

Okay! Share! What are some of your favorite mindset and positive attitude quotes?  I am a softy for amazing quotes that really make you think! Share here!

Stop Being The Audience In Your Own Life

Life is a road. There are some long and short roads; smooth and rocky roads; crooked and straight paths.As we live, we are faced with many different roads. There are roads that lead to a life of singleness or marriage, roads that lead to fame and fortune or isolation and poverty. There are roads to success or failure, roads to trying and road where you just stand there.

Just like any road, there are corners, detours, and crossroads in life. Sometimes the hardest road is a  crossroad, I know it has been for me. With four roads to choose from and with limited knowledge on where they would go, which road will I take? What is the guarantee that the road I take is the right road? Would you take any road, or just stay where you are: in front of a crossroad?

No Guarantees.

You really don’t know where a road is going to take you, you aren’t guaranteed success, love and happiness. This is one of the most important things I have learned and I believe that you need to learn too. Nobody said that choosing to do the right thing all the time would always lead you to happiness. Loving someone with all your heart does not guarantee that it would be returned. Money doesn’t guarantee happiness. Finding God doesn’t guarantee happiness, but what if you don’t do anything at all?  I can guarantee 5 years from now, you will be so disappointed that you didn’t try something because of fear or lack of money. True, there are so many outcomes, that could be out of your control.

Another Truth: The only thing you have power over is the decisions that you will make, and how you would act and react to each situation that presents itself.  When I started this blog, I got so many opinions and people trying to tell me I wasn’t doing something right.  You know what?  I didn’t listen.  Writing blog entries and helping people succeed make me happy, it gives me the tinglies knowing that I made someone smile or I made someone have their “AHA” moment.

Take The Risk And Make A Decision

Since life offers no guarantee and you would never know until you try, shouldn’t you at least try? It is definitely better than keeping yourself in limbo. Although it is true that one wrong turn could get you lost, but it is also true that one right turn could be an opportunity for an adventure and open even more roads. It is all a matter of what mindset you will be taking. You have the choice between being a lost traveller or a tourist of life. But please make sure when you do make a decision you look at all angles. While I think taking risks and doing something you wouldn’t ordinarily do, I also believe that taking risks is not about being careless. Use some of these checkpoints to help you make your decision.

  • Research and gather information.You cannot find the confidence to decide when you know so little about what you are faced with.  Ask the 5 W’s: what, who, when, where, and why. What is the situation? Who would I need to ask to help me?  When would I be able to start? Where is this leading? Why are you in this situation? These are just some of the possible questions to ask to know more about your situation. This is important. Oftentimes, the reason for no action is the last of research and information learned about what you want to do.
  • Recognize options and create them. What options do the situation give you? Sometimes the options are few or sometimes you have an abundance of options and opportunities. But what if you find no options? That is when you create your own options. You would be paving your road. Make your creative mind work. Write down all the ideas from the most complex to the most simple ideas. Don’t shoot it down, just write it all down and go with it. Sometimes the most outrageous idea could prove to be the perfect fit!  What I would do is talk with a friend about your options.  Have them help you and be the reason and objective view for your ideas.  Hell, even have them help you brainstorm and come up with ideas. But make sure that you make the decision yourself in the end.
  • Weigh the pros/cons of every option.  That is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Trust yourself and make that decision. So you’ve looked at your options, weighed your pros/cons and really thought about it. Now it is time to really trust yourself, it is time for you to shine and go with your dreams.  Remember that there are no guarantees and wrong decisions are always at hindsight. So choose… decide… and really believe that you’re choosing the best option at this point in time for you.

Now that you have made a decision, be ready to face its consequences, whether its good or bad. It may take you to a place of promise or to a land of problems. But the important thing is that you have chosen to live your life instead of remaining a bystander or the audience to your own life. Whether it is the right or not, only time can tell. But do not regret it whatever the outcome. Instead, learn from it and know that you always have the chance to make better decisions in the future.

27 Lessons I’ve Learned in 27 Years of Life

27 Lessons I've Learned in 27 Years of LifeI think that every blog should have a post like this because you can learn so much about a person and their life by simply reading lessons they have learned through their experiences.  After reading Benny Hsu’s post on his 34 Life Lessons,  it really inspired me. To read his go check out his website called Get Busy Living.

Life is such a crazy thing! It’s so fulfilling but for some, if you don’t learn lessons and you’re just living to get by it’s pretty boring.  Find out some of the lessons I’ve learned that I’ve made note of as I’ve been paying attention more.

27 Lessons I’ve Learned in 27 Years of Life

 27. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

I used to be super high strung.  I have learned that I need to just go with the flow and take things for what they are: silly small stuff.

26. Act Like a Kid

I believe that acting like a child and goofing off makes you feel better. It is also shown to make you happier.

25. Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

When you take a step outside of your comfort zone, you are doing something you haven’t done before and I bet once you have done it, it makes you feel more accomplished, so step out sometimes.

24. I Don’t Need To Be Right To Be Happy

Boy, this one is constantly a work in progress for me.  As I have grown, I have learned that I do not need to always have the last word, I don’t need to prove the other person wrong.  I am learning that it is pointless to fight with someone because I need to be right,  I would rather let it go, let them think they were right and move on.  Life is too short to fight over the little things.

23. You Are Not Entitled To Anything

I remember feeling that because I was brought in to this world that I was entitled to things. Then I started working chat for a wireless company and realize that so many people feel like they entitled to things. Guess what?  You came from dust and to dust you will return. You are not entitled to a discount just because you are a breathing living human being. Neither am I. Earn what you want, don’t just take it because you feel like you deserve it when you really don’t.

22. I Regret The Things I Didn’t Do

It amazes me still that so many people are afraid to do something, but have so many passions or dreams.  When you are 60, you are going to think about those things you wanted to accomplish and regret it.  Try 1 thing that you have wanted to do each year and see how it makes you feel. I bet it will be great stories for your friends, family and/or kids.

21. Laugh, just laugh

Life is way too short not to laugh.  Some of my favorite moments have just  been with my kids and watching my son act goofy that he is making us laugh so hard we are crying.  Others have just been with me Chad and a couple of our friends just talking and laughing.  One night we got so drunk the boys went out to McDonald’s and I could not pronounce pickle for the life of me, I kept saying, “Please get me a hamburger no picky.”  When they go to the drive through, Mikie and Chad swore the lady asked if they wanted cole slaw…. yes, cole slaw at McDonald’s… that’s what made it funny. I guess you had to be there :).  But we were toppled over laughing until 4am from those silly conversations.  Those are moments I will never forget.

20. Cry, Let It All Out

I used to be such a hard ass. Seriously, Chad said I had no heart and then something clicked within me when I had kids and now I am the biggest baby ever.  Sometimes it just feels good to let out those sobs, especially when watching sappy movies, so let it out. You’ll feel better afterward. I promise.

19.  Money Isn’t the Root of All Evil

I do not  believe that money makes you an evil person.  Money is needed in this time to make the world go around.  I believe if you use it to help yourself and to help others you are on the right track, but I don’t believe its evil, unless you use it for evil.

18. Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

Money doesn’t make you happy. There are people with millions of dollars and they are alone.  I know you need it for basic things and for those fun extras, but remember it does not make your life.  Whether you live in a big house or a small apartment, its the quality of time you spending with your family and how feel about yourself that makes your life complete.

17.  Don’t Take Things For Granted

Some of my favorite moments were hanging out with grandma before she died.  What I would give to have her here again so she could see how I turned out.  I might not be perfect, but I am a good mom and I love my kids and my family more than life itself.  Spend that extra moment with your loved ones. Hell, my mom gets on my nerves, but I make sure she knows I love her.

16.  Say No

Sometimes we get so caught with wanting to help others and please others that we forget to please ourselves.  Sometimes saying no is a good thing because it allows you to do things you want or just not do anything at all.  If you say no to someone who is truly a friend, they would understand and be okay with it.  If they don’t understand, than that tells you what kind of person that person is.

15.  Smile

Smiling is contagious and that smile could make a person’s day. You never know who is going through something and just needs some small wonderful gesture such as a smile to lift them back up.

14.  You Can Do Anything

Before I was a mom, before I believed in myself, I was the realistic person, the negative Nancy who just needed to burst everyone’s bubble.  I have changed so dramatically since being that person and I believe if you want to do something, do it.  If you say you can’t, then you can’t.  But if you truly believe in yourself and what you want to do, what does Nike say?  JUST DO IT 😉

Which leads me in to my next one….

13.  There Will Never Be A Perfect Time

Chad wants to start his own T-Shirt company. We already bought his  website, he has already created so many different designs, but he is waiting for that perfect time.  With kids, looking for houses, me in school and working from home, there will never be a perfect time.  It has such low start up costs that it wouldn’t even affect us but he is afraid to take that step.   There is never going to be a superb time to start something, you have to take that leap of faith in yourself and just do it.  You can do it, I believe in you. The question is, do you?

12.  Hang Out With People Who Inspire You

I used to hang out with people who would just bring me down.  After reevaluating what I want from life, I have cut back a lot of friends and people that I associate with because they don’t inspire me and my relationship with them drains me.  I don’t want my kids to foster those types of relationships and I want to show them to look for people that inspire you, look for someone you can do a meeting of the minds with and bounce amazing ideas off of each other with.  When I read a book or talk to someone, I want to laugh and think, “Wow, I really enjoy this person in my life.”  That has meant letting some debbie downers go, but Chad has noticed a huge difference in my attitude.  I have noticed a huge difference in my thoughts and I will make sure my kids get inspired by me and they inspire me to be better. I want them to foster those kind of relationships with their friends as they get older too.

11. Find Your Passion

Life is too short to work a 9-5 because that is what you are told to do. Find your passion, find what you love and do it.  If you believe in yourself you can do anything you put your mind to.  I believe you could, if you believe you can.  Start today.

10. Give Yourself

I believe that we truly are happiest when we are helping other people and sharing our knowledge, time and money.  Once I start making enough income from this website and my Visalus stuff, I will be able to volunteer an afternoon of my time to help those a local homeless shelter.  I feel its so important to give back to people who are less fortunate than me.  And it makes me feel good helping other people too.  I’m sure you would feel the same way.

9. You Will Fail, But Get Back Up

I know that I am going to have trials and errors in my life, but my character isn’t defined by those failures. I believe my character is defined by the fact that I recognized what didn’t work, but I am willing to go right back at it.  You can do the same.

8. Eat Healthier and Exercise

Now, let me say this. I am not a freak about what you eat, I believe if you eat things in moderation that you are okay. However, I do believe that eating healthy and exercising will help you to be healthier and will work for you in the long run for when you get older. Take care of your mind, but your body is very important to.

7. Take a lot of pictures and write things down

I love documenting my life and taking pictures of my family or what food I’m eating because when my kids get older, they will see what their life was like.  I don’t think a memory could do justice for the totem pole that was put on my porch in college.  Yes, a totem pole :).  And blackmail for the kids, here I come.  Cam dancing in his whitey tidy’s to I’m Sexy and I Know It is going to be great when he has first girlfriend.

6. Forgive Yourself And Forgive Others

This is the biggest one for me and I will admit, I hold grudges. I can still remember the lack of Valentine’s day gift I got last year from Chad and that when I was 4, I didn’t get the Barbie convertible that I could sit in and ride.  Seriously?  I need to forgive him (Hey, I’m a woman and I could bring it up at the drop of a dime) and my parents, as silly as those things sound. At the time, I felt like I wasn’t being loved, but I realized every other little thing my parents did for me and what Chad does for me is out of love.  So I forgive them and I forgive myself for my perception of this entitlement type thinking.

I forgive myself for not accomplishing what I wanted to faster in life. I can’t redo the past, but I am working on it now.  So instead of looking back, forgive and move on.

5.  Cut Back On TV

I am a TV-aholic and one of my New Year Intentions is to watch less. So far, I have cut back 3 shows this year, which is a huge deal for me.  Honestly, now that I have cut back on TV, I am more focused with my business and creating a happy and healthy environment for my family and our life.  It amazes me what cutting back on a few hours each week can do for helping build your business.

4.  If You Don’t Believe In Yourself, How Can I?

This is semi part of 3, but I thought it is important to have it separate because so many people do not believe in themselves.  I can’t make you believe that you can be what you want.  I can tell you that you are awesome until I’m blue in the face, but that won’t make you believe or act unless you truly believe that you are awesome.

3. Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

I have learned that the more positive and optimistic I am, the more happy the people around me are.  I believe that when you honestly believe you will be successful and you tell yourself those affirmations, that you end being successful.  I am in the process of that right now.  I love Visalus, which is a direct sales company I work for and I love creating this website.  I have found so many amazing resources and people by just believing in myself. They have shown me how to utilize online marketing and affiliate marketing to start being successful.

2. You Have to Be Accountable for Your Life

This is one of the biggest things I have learned in the past few years of my life.  It is so important that you do not blame anyone else or the past for what has happened to you. I didn’t have a childhood that was all unicorns and glow worms, but I am using that to create a better future for my kids.  Create an affirmation so you understand you are taking control of your life and you are being accountable for what you go through.  You gained 5 pounds this week?  Maybe you should have put the twinkie down.  You networked with 5 people this week?  You want to succeed because you are doing what it takes and you know you are responsible for that.

1. Just Be You

In previous relationships and friendships, I would change who I am to please that person and that is no way to live.  With my kids, I lost myself in the beginning because I was too busy being mom to remember who I was.  I took a step back, took some time for me and I really looked at me and now, I am who I am.  I will not change to please other people, but I will continue to evolve in to who I am.

Please share me with some lessons you have learned over your years.

What Am I Going To Do This Year?

Last year was my year for discovery.  With being pregnant with my second child and realizing that I did not want to work outside of the house again, it really hit home with me that I need to do something, take charge of my life.  My idea of the American Dream isn’t working a 9-5 for someone else and making them money.  My American Dream is to bring in residual income from network marketing, eBooks, internet marketing and any other way that I can without going back in to the working world.

Don’t get me wrong, if something happened and I had to, I would but until that time, I am going to continue on my amazing journey that I am going on, learning from amazing people like the Smart Passive Income and the Money Saving Mom websites.  Those are just a couple that I have looked at and studied over the past year. Now that I have an idea of where I want to go and what I want to do, I want to set up some goals for this website.  I have already written general goals on my other website, please check them out here.

I want to take my website to the next level and I want to list some of my goals specific to this website and the brand I want to build for myself.  Here are some very SMART Intentions I want to achieve with my website in 2012.

Client Led Coaching Sessions

I want to hold at least 3 client led coaching sessions (5 weeks each) to help people wanting to build their businesses.  I want to focus on creating content for that while giving away awesome freebies and building more relationships with people in the business.  I am going to help you believe that you can create your own life, create your own income from home and not conform to what others want for you.

Regular Posting

I want to post at least 3 quality posts each week.  I believe that the only way for me to get more traffic is to write more, interact with people on my website and show my expertise to people.

Create A Custom Report

I want to create a custom report to giveaway for free when people sign up for my newsletter.

Create an eBook

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, Crystal form Money Saving Mom and others talk about the importance and the ease of creating an eBook with top notch content in it.  My intention is to create an eBook on your mindset, why you are failing at business and ways to fix/reprogram your mind.

Book Reviews

I wrote about wanting to read 12 books this year, one for each month and you can check  that out if you go here.  After I read each book I want to do a book review and post about it so you can get a better understanding of the book and perhaps, add it to your list.


Those are a few of my main goals.  I have many more that  I want to accomplish, but these are the ones I am determined to get done.   Tell me, for your website, what are you intentions this year?  What are you wanting to take to the next level?