When Change Needs To Come

What feels right to you?

We have had to change our game plan for my business and our businesses a few times.


And it’s that way again.  Back in October or November Chad (my fiance and father of our 2 amazing kids) got a promotion.  Certainly, you would think with a 4.50/hour pay raise we would be thrilled that he got it.

I am so proud of him and what he’s accomplished with being in his industry.  He graduated with a bachelors degree in Psychology and did not want to go back to school and it is really hard to find a job in that field without a Master’s, so I know that he has done so much and grown so much in his field.

BUT, I’m sure you saw the but coming, right? But, he is gone so much for 4 days a week and Cameron (our 4 year old) wants to start more sports and Chad is gone from 10am – 11:30pm Monday through Thursday. So Chad will most likely miss games since they are usually during the week and this morning he had that “Oh shit, I’m going to be gone for some of the big moments” moment.  And he started focusing on the problem.

How will this work?

Chad and I are pretty different and with my personality, I’m the type who will say, “Okay, yes, Houston, we have a problem. What are we going to do to get to the solution?”

Chad will say, “Okay, we have a problem, let’s talk about the problem and then let’s talk about it a little more, until the very last minute and then we can find the solution.”

And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing because I think a lot of people who don’t understand entrepreneurship or as Chad calls them “old school” 9 – 5 people, beginner entrepreneurs and other people in general think.  If we focused on finding a solution, focus on giving a solution and giving of ourselves that big things and great things can happen.

With all of that said, missing our son’s potential games really struck a cord with Chad and I think that dealing with kids in a Juvenile Detention Center has heightened his anxiety too. So he is jumping on the boat with me to create something great.

I’ve share my visions with him from what I have seen from other Internet Marketers and my goal isn’t just to coach people to create focus and automated businesses, my goal is to create multiple internet streams (eCommerce sites, 2 podcasts, coaching, niche blogs, etc) and Chad wants to help.

As I am building up my coaching business and group coaching programs, Chad will be helping us start on smaller projects that we can outsource a lot for.

We already outsource a lot, I order articles, we are hiring a web developer to help us with our new website design and I order Fiverrs for just about everything.

How do I feel about this change?

I am excited! I feel like Chad is such a good leader but he’s not passionate about his work.  I think giving him something to do after the kids go to bed on the weekends instead of laying around watching The Walking Dead that he can really utilize his talents and learn so much. We will see if he agrees.

I feel nervous because for so long I had the spouse who didn’t understand what I did.  Sure I’ve been able to help pay for bills and cover my business expenses  but I think that it takes a different type of person to really understand why you are doing what you want to do.

I know I was sent to this earth to empower people to live to their potentials.  I feel like I have a message about living your true potential, being productive and purposeful in your life and I need to share it with whoever will listen.

I’m just happy that Chad is on board with that!

With that said, one of our first projects we are working on is an awesome website/podcast. It is going to be about His Thinking Versus Hers.  Chad and I are on two different wave lengths 76% of the time.

We want to talk about in relationships how men truly do think differently than women. Even just one example, I’m a spender, I feel like we need savings, but I also believe that we only live once and I don’t want to not go out on a Friday to put an extra $40 in the bank. Chad would stay in or choose for just one of us to go so we could save half or all the money.

Even with him working a brick and mortar job and with me working from home and owning my own business since 2009, we’ve had such huge differences in opinions and discussions around it that we think other people in their relationships and business life have felt the same way.

All of that to say, be prepared to really see me use my word of the year – GROWTH – over the next few months as I will test myself to push myself into territories unknown, into co-creation with Chad and learning about ourselves and how we work in the process.

I love change but it is so scary at the same time, but sometimes it has to be done!  We’re both scared shitless but we know that if we work harder at this for the first few years, that we will reap what we sow and I know that is what we are both super excited for!

Do you change your business or add things as you see fit?  Do you allow for change and moving yourself and your business around if you have to?

Off Topic Thursday: Building A Blog For Profit

One of my friends asked me if I made money with my blog and I told her yep!  I love it!blog for profit

I love being able to write book reviews, express my opinion, gratitude and what I realized is that while coaching is my baby, what I find myself talking about a lot lately is my family, blogging, budgeting and profiting.

However, she asked me what I do and how I do it. And I didn’t realize how many moms and people who want to know how to make an extra $500/month to blog and really just create their little piece of themselves to share with the world.

With that said, I bought the website Life, Love And Kids.  I think this is the perfect blog for profit and to take it from nothing to show what I profit each month, what I use, who I promote, etc.  Again, I haven’t even set it up yet, just bought it, added WordPress and so it would be like starting from scratch.

I thought I could do it on this blog, but honestly, I didn’t keep track and I intermingled it with my personal accounts and quite frankly, I’m not ready to go in and dive in to separate it all (aka, I’m lazy and it sounds like too much work). So I’m going to start fresh and all the profits are going to go in to my business banking account.

What do you think about that?  Do you think you can blog for profit?  I truly do and you want to know why?  Because there are 3 blogs I am currently following that do and have!

3 Amazing Bloggers Who Blog For Profit

Smart Passive Income – I love Pat Flynn. He is so transparent and just a cool guy. I love his podcasts, how he teaches and how he writes. Honestly, the only thing I would want to see more out of Pat is his newsletter. I love getting him (well not him technically, I’m sure his wife would find that kind of creepy) in my email and what he writes as far as business and blogging really resonates with me.

Dollars And Roses – I found them a few months ago. They are a married couple, they share this blog and then they each have their own blogs  and I really like how they lay it out too.  Check them out!

Making Sense Of Cents – I just found her and I am in love! I love how practical and honest she is. She doesn’t cut everything like all the other people say to, but she is conscious with her spending and makes sure that her bills are paid. She said she makes sure that ALL of her bills are 50% or less of their income, which is really smart!

So these are 3 people that I absolutely love and I love how transparent and real they all are.

So as I build this blog, I am asking you to comment below and tell me what would you like to see from a blog like this to help you learn how to add a profitable blog to your list of diversifying?

What are your favorite tools that you use to create a profit from your blog?

Do You Recognize How Beautiful You Are? You Absolutely Should!

Do you know how beautiful you are? Seriously! This is a bit off business because I’ve been listening to a sensuality summit over the last 13 days and I’ve only skipped one of the calls.

How Beautiful You AreNow before you go all pervy on me, sensuality and sexuality are two COMPLETELY different things.  Honestly, I didn’t know that until I started this summit and I have been changed from this summit.  The difference between sensuality and sexuality is that sex is all about romping, getting jiggy with it and down and dirty for lack of better terms in my vocabulary.

Sensuality is learning about yourself, your body, your strengths, weaknesses and falling in love with yourself.   So many of us don’t even realize we have limiting beliefs within ourselves about our lives, bodies and futures.  I didn’t realize how much my weight affected me until this year. And then I had this sensuality summit and it changed the way I viewed myself.

How Beautiful You AreInstead of being sad about the person I saw in the mirror, I saw my strengths.  Instead of looking at my “chubby” cheeks, I saw my beautiful smile, the way my eyes crinkle when I smile and I was proud of me.  I looked at my fingers and realized that these hands are what help me to make my money to help our family.    The belly pouch I have wasn’t just fat, it was what held 2 beautiful kids for 9 months – it is what felt every single kick, what I rested my food on when I was prego and what we listened to, to hear the heartbeats.  it’s also where my kids rest their heads when we lay on the floor and watch movies, its where I have my deep belly laughs too.

I looked at my chicken legs as chicken legs and they are the legs that carry me around every day to take care of my kids, to play with my kids, to run after them and kick the ball. It’s what I use when I stand to make dinner for my family while I am helping to provide nourishment for my kids.

Do You Recognize How Beautiful You Are?

You see, this summit has changed the way I viewed myself and I want it to help you to change the way you view yourself too.  Here are a few steps to help you realize how beautiful you are.

1. Just stop!  I want you to stop thinking about everything that is wrong with you personality, body, spirituality, etc.  I want you to stop thinking about what you can improve.  Just do this for 24 hours and if you have a daughter who is at home, this is important for her future too because you are showing her how she will look at herself as she gets older.

2.  Compliment Yourself. So many times we wait to get compliments and even then, we can’t even just say thank you!  I want you when you wake up to write down – yes, WRITE DOWN, 3 things you like about yourself.  And then before you go to bed, I want you to do the same exact thing.  You should do this for 2-3 days and you can start to recognize how your attitude about yourself is changing.

3. Compliment Someone Else.  I find that when I give compliments to others, not only does it make them feel good, it makes me feel good because I am seeing the beauty in them.  When you compliment someone, it shows them that we recognize something amazing about them that they might not see and for us to notice it, it makes them feel extremely special.

Now this is just a start and you will see that changing your attitude will shift not just how you interact with yourself but how you interact with others and how they perceive you too. What other things do you do to help you feel special, to feel sensual?

Share below! I’d love to hear your opinion and your perspective!

15 Bloggers To Inspire You To Get Started With Your Life! Part 2

bloggers to inspireDo you feel accomplished? Or like you’re getting there?  One of the things I’m most proud of is taking care of my kids and teaching them to think for themselves and to learn from others.

Before my kids I was pretty selfish and a hot mess. I didn’t have a purpose, any goals or know where I wanted to be.  The only thing I was sure of is that I couldn’t wait until 5pm came because it was happy hour and I didn’t have to be at work anymore.

It is amazing what a few years, 2 kids and a total mindset shift can do for you. Now my kids are teaching me how to just be and enjoy my time.  I never just looked outside and thought about how beautiful the tree was or how connected I was to everyone until now. And I never wanted to learn from others and now I cannot get enough positive information from people.

With that said, I am learning from some of the best in the blogging world right now and by reading their journeys and the steps they took to be successful, it has made me want to be better, to touch people and move them to create the life that they want and start living their dreams.  While blogging is a small part of what they do, its where they started and how they created a movement to get away from the status quo of doing what they were taught early on to do.

Let’s just jump in, I’m too excited so I just want to jump in! Well wait! Go see the first set of bloggers to inspire too!   You don’t want to miss out on all this juiciness!

This is ladies week! Check out these amazing women who are super honest and yet, really feminine at the same time. Their energy is amazing!

5 More Bloggers To Inspire – Women Bloggers Rock Your Socks!

The Middle Finger Project – Putting the name aside, you cannot get any better advice on business than from Ash! I literally wait for her newsletters to come so I can laugh and get new information. The awesome thing about Ash is that you know she’s 100% real. She knows business, she knows awesomeness and she is gorgeous!  How she writes is unlike anyone I dreams dont workhave ever seen and I cannot wait to learn more from her.  Check her out, I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Redhead Writing – Ok, so she is another rock your socks, pull up the wine and enjoy a night of laughter type too.  Erika is just awesome. Her wittiness, her down to “earthness” (totally adding that word to my dictionary LOL) and her ability to keep you in and make you want more is just AMAZING.  One of my eye openers was Erika’s TEDx talk and it got me back to where I needed to be. Check it out, if you’re here, its a sign you might to be changing it up too!

She Takes On The World –  It’s just like it sounds.  Natalie wanted to make a difference and she is.  She is one of the top bloggers for women entrepreneurs and I frequent her site. Not only is she amazing but some of her guest bloggers are amazing too!  You will learn so much from Natalie and her team and hopefully it will get your creative juices flowing, I know it helped me!

The Possibility Of Today – As soon as you go to Sibyl’s website, you just feel at home.  I can literally sit there for hours and just get lost.  I think you know you have a successful blog when you can get lost in each and every post you read.  Sibyl is such an inspiration and her take on life is so refreshing.  Something that stands out is that she went to Harvard and even after going to one of the most prestigious colleges in the US, she realized that there was more to life than working the 9-5.  I truly love that!

Marie Forleo – I’ve been following Marie for the last 2 years. I want to be like her when I grow up.  Not only is she such an amazing woman, but she is so down to earth and so much fun!  I love her Q&A Tuesdays. I think I’ve learned more about business from her Q&A Tuesdays than I have from the thousands I have spent on business programs.  She was on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and after seeing her, Gabby Bernstein and Mastin Kipp on that episode, I knew I would follow them forever! Check her out, she’s the real deal!

Bonus Bloggers To Inspire

Okay, so I wanted to share a couple extras too!  So these bloggers to inspire aren’t ladies, but they are awesome nonetheless.

Zen Habits –  I am actually in Leo’s Sea Change program and I have learned so much and I feel like it is helping me just enjoy life and be.  Leo has 5 or 6 kids and him and his wife home-school and they just live a very simplified life.  You know, I really enjoy Leo and his look on life. I think sometimes we make it a bit too difficult and to see some of his posts and work within the program I am in and it helps me to get centered and remember what is important.

Smart Passive Income With Pat Flynn –  I cannot tell you how much I love Pat’s website.  If you are looking for the blatant honest transparency, Pat is your guy.  He shows you his monthly income reports and shows you what it is like being an internet marketer and a blogger.  He is actually the first blog I was introduced to when I was starting my journey and I will always follow his blog.

These are just a few of the many many blogs I go to. I hope that you can find one or two that you can relate to and get great information and content from.

Go check out the final part of the Bloggers to Inspire!  And again, if you missed the first one, here you go!

So share with me! Who are some of your favorite bloggers and internet marketers that you follow regularly?

Also, I’d love for you to stay in touch with me. Come like me on Facebook and you will get daily tips, tricks and motivation!

Why I Like Working From Home Including Pantless Days!

Today is Q&A Wednesday and so I share with you through this video about…..

Why I Like Working From Home

Could it be because I hate wearing pants? Maybe?

Find out here why I like working from home and more…. you might be surprised.

Do you feel like you could be productive working from home? I have my most productive times at home and I enjoy that I don’t have to answer to anyone and other than a few of the phone calls I have to make each day, I get to blare music, dance a little and just be me which I’m not sure if the public could handle a whole lot of me every day – I did just laugh out loud when I said that.

Some might say that I’m a bit special and hell, I agree. I’d rather be me than to be the norm of what we were conditioned to believe is true.  And something I’m learning on this journey is that my truth and your truth don’t have to match but its 10000% better for me to live my norm, my reality, my life than to try to fit in the mold of others and that is what I’m trying to accomplish with working from home and creating a life and positive environment for my family and my kids.

K, all of my rants are done for today – well for right now, I promise. To stay connected with me, to get daily inspirations, bitch slaps and of course laughs, come and like me on Facebook, I’d love to connect with you too. Chances are if you’re still reading this, you’re the epitome of awesome! And I LOVE awesome 😉