3 Questions You Should Continuously Ask Yourself In Your Life & Business

3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

I’ll check Facebook just one more time…. oh wait, I just heard my phone ting ting ting, let me quick check my email.  Have you said that before? Oh you know you have! I’ve said those things too.

When it comes to your business, there are things you need to get done (such as focusing on completing the Money Generating Tasks).  These questions are questions you should ask every couple of weeks to help you refocus and remember your purpose and why you do what you do.

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3 Questions To Ask Yourself

What Areas In My Life Needs Limits?

Are there areas of your life that you are committing to a little too much?  Do you need to cut back in areas?  One thing I realized I wasn’t doing enough of was self-care.  It is amazing the difference I feel when I take to feed and nurture my body with the right foods and how different my body feels.

I also noticed that at night I was spending too much time watching TV. I have way too many shows I watch, this is a total work in progress.  How could I expect my business to change if I wasn’t changing myself?

I cut back on it by sooo much. Instead of focusing on TV shows, I turned off my TV while writing (80% 0f the time) and I turned on white noise or something that would help me be more productive or give me a nugget of wisdom. Not only do I cut out junk from TV, but I was allowing myself to really focus on my voice, what I wanted to share and great podcasts or audios from others.

How many times a day am I doing something?

Are you checking your email every 15 minutes or have it so it syncs to your phone every 15 minutes, imagine how you lose momentum when you’re working on something just to check your email.  What is going to help make you as productive (and manage your time too!) and creative as possible so you can move your life and business forward?  Certainly not being on email or social media all day.  Remember this as you start consciously thinking about this.  I know it blew my mind how many times I would just check my email or Facebook without even thinking about it and then I became more aware…. now you’re aware too darlin!

What can I get rid of?

What tasks that aren’t results oriented or money generating can you get rid of? There are always tasks and projects that we are working on that aren’t moving our business forward and aren’t really serving a purpose except for us doing it because we “think” we have to do it. Take some time to write down all the tasks and to-dos that you have to see if there are any that aren’t serving your clients, yourself or your business.  If they aren’t then nix them.

It is so important for you to be setting yourself up for success especially as you’re building your lifestyle business.  These questions should be asked at least twice a month to help you stay focus and refocus your business!

So share below!  I love hearing from you and seeing what is working for your business or what you can improve upon?  Are there questions that you ask yourself regularly to help you build and refocus your business?


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